CFP All is a group class structured around the CrossFit methodology. Constantly varied, functional movements performed at relative intensity. 


What that means is, the class focuses on exercise movements that will improve your daily life. The goal will be to gain strength, speed and conditioning to make your life easier.


(Longevity. In. Functional. Exercise)

Are you over 50 and concerned about your long term health?

CFP L.I.F.E is a class designed for individuals over the age of 50. CFP L.I.F.E focuses on functional movements that improve daily life. The key components of CFP L.I.F.E are mobility, endurance, strength and balance. For you that means never worrying about living an independent life. 

CFP Kids

CFP Kids is a foundation class that introduces fun with fitness. Kids will be taught proper form and technique that will prepare them to be safe when playing sports. Even though this is a structured class that will be physically demanding, our number one priority is FUN.

(Only offered during the summer)

CFP Foundations

There is no experience needed to register for Foundations. CFP Foundations is a 4 week program that will teach you everything you need to know about Crossfit, before registering for group classes. CFP Foundations is an introductory program that will expose you to exercise movements, terminology, technique and nutrition. The program is designed to build each week setting you up with a sold foundation for your future fitness goals. 


If you have Crossfit experience you can test out of CFP Foundations. Please contact us to schedule your FREE testing process. 

CFP Powerlifting

Powerlifting focuses on 3 main barbell lifts: Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press.


If you want to get strong without pushing the intensity, this is a class for you. Our Powerlifting class is specifically designed to gain strength, power and speed in all 3 areas. 

CFP Unloaded

Crossfit Unloaded is a class specifically desgined for individuals that want high intensity functional training without the heavy lifting. 

Crossfit Unloaded focuses on speed, endurance, flexibility, strength, power and agility. If you haven't tried Crossfit, because it was to intense and intimidating, this class is a great way to get into shape using body weight movements, plyommetrics, running, jumping, kettlebells, dumbbells, rowing, jump rope and medicine balls. 


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